Product Variety In our company created a new customer service department where your orders will be followed at all times when you feel free to ask any questions. In our expansion we introduce new designs, which you can see in our product catalog We have a wide range of veneer from Asia, Africa and Europe . DECORATIONS New Customer Service Chapas Perona S.L EXPANDING FACILITIES  In May of 2013 we made the change to the new facilities, a ship of 2000 meters in which to work and serve with more comfort   PURCHASE MACHINERY We try to always be at the forefront of latest machinery. We understand that without a good machine can not offer the customer a good product, so we built a machine FISHER -  RUCKER dimensions 340 X 270 coupled to line to meet the needs of our customers. . . Manufacturas de Fajeados y Chapas Finas WE CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT In Chapas Perona S.L. control will take care of the wood we use is timber from legal and origin ..