Manufacturas de Fajeados y Chapas Finas CHAPAS ANTONIO, SL is a national leader in the manufacture of standard faces, faces doors and decorative wood projects, either in natural veneer, prefabricated veneer Who is CHAPAS PERONA, SL? Chapas Perona, SL , Is a family company since 1989 dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of all types of wood, boards and planks. In 1989 the founder of the company D. Perona Antonio Soria, started the company as an individual on the ground floor located at Calle City # 10 of L'Oliveral (Valencia) 46026 running well until January 14 of 1992 which created the Limited. Later in 1996, the company moved to the address Camino Bony s / n in the Industrial Catarroja named BONY (Valencia) 46470, being at the above address until April of 2013. And in May of 2013, the company moved to another ship much larger and better services for both administrative staff and the factory and of course for the client to the address Avda Espioca Chair No 138 (Valencia) 46460. Since our inception, has always been taken into account always offer a product where quality prevails. So it takes a careful control of the whole process of production and service, ensuring course quality and a perfect product in detail. Today CHAPAS PERONA, SL is a leading company in the distribution sector and wood veneers providing a wide variety of products in stock intended solely for the professional continuum. We have a wide variety of products we sell and can be viewed on our web page CATALOG